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George Soros Explains the Euro Crisis

June 26, 2012

Recent interview with former fund manager George Soros. Clearly Soros sees the perverse situation with respect to the main currencies of the world. Those that have retained the right to print money are able to stave off default, yet countries like Greece or Italy are put in the cross hairs of bond traders. “I think […]

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Trading Like Contrarians

September 16, 2011

One of the key trading maxims that I always try to remember is this tip from George Soros: “Find the trend whose premise is false and bet against it.” The process of finding outsized gains is largely dependent on contrarian ideas and contrary trading. This strategy is different than looking for unloved and unfollowed stocks that […]

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Soros Favors Euro Bonds

August 29, 2011

George Soros gave a candid interview with Der Spiegel about the future of the European Union and the Euro as a currency. In essence, Soros makes the following argument: The world economy needs the Euro. The Euro is doomed unless Germany guarantees the debts of nations such as Spain and Italy. Germany must introduce Euro […]

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Soros Still Bullish On Commodities

January 27, 2011

Legendary hedge fund manager George Soros still thinks that the commodities bull market has room to run for a “couple more years.” In the last quarter, the largest purchase by Soros’ fund $64 million on shares of the iShares Gold Trust (IAU) which is an exchange-traded fund whose shares are backed by actual gold bullion […]

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Soros and the Ultimate (Imaginative) Gold Bubble

September 25, 2010

A lot of money managers and gold investors were skittish due to headlines that George Soros is bearish about gold. Newspaper articles from around the world reported the same non-story which are some rather vague comments about a gold bubble. At a Reuters event Soros said, “Gold is the only actual bull market currently. It […]

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George Soros

June 23, 2010

Former hedge fund manager George Soros gave a speech in Berlin today where he denounced the policy actions of Germany that he says puts Europe at risk of a deflationary spiral. “As the strongest and most creditworthy country it is in the driver’s seat,” Soros said in a speech at Humboldt University in Berlin today. […]

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