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Interview With Marc Faber

November 6, 2012

Here is an interview with Marc Faber and Peter Schiff:   Faber sees a 20% correction on the horizon for the Dow Jones.

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Marc Faber 2012

November 1, 2012

Marc Faber was interviewed at the Barrons Art of Investing Conference last week. Faber, like Felix Zulauf is bullish on Japanese equities and he also thinks that Chinese shares can bounce.  “The Chinese can postpone a more serious recession by easing, but it won’t solve the problem. The Chinese stock market could outperform for a […]

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Marc Faber On Investing For the Next Ten Years

June 25, 2012

Mark Faber was recently interviewed about the prospects or the global economy over the next 10 years. Faber noted that perhaps the most inexpensive asset class in the world right now is US real estate.  He quipped that some US real estate in places like Florida is actually cheaper than in countries like Thailand. Some […]

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Faber Sees Major Slowing in China

June 4, 2012

Marc Faber was on CNBC where he talked about the massive slowdown in China. Faber said that he thought the economy was “barely growing” and that industrial commodities would continue to struggle. (Try to ignore Siegel’s comments!)

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Marc Faber’s Outlook for 2012

February 2, 2012

Marc Faber was interviewed by Bloomberg where he revealed his stock market outlook for 2012. Canadian real estate is 4-5 times as expensive as some cities like Phoenix. Faber compared the start of the stock market in 2012 to the stock market in 1987. Faber thought that the stock market might become overvalued in June […]

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Barron’s Roundtable 2012

January 14, 2012

Barrons released the first installment of the Roundtable with stock picks from Marc Faber and Oscar Schaefer. Before we delve into some macro insights, let’s take a look at the 2011 Barron’s Report Card. The average performance of these professional investors is listed below: Scott Black  (13.6%) Abby Cohen (2.7%) Marc Faber (14.2%) Mario Gabelli […]

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Marc Faber: “Most People Will Be Lucky If They Have 50% Of Their Money in 5 Years”

December 21, 2011

Marc Faber was interviewed at a commodities conference today. Faber again mentioned that he expects the entire financial system to collapse at some point in time. Of course timing is impossible to predict. “I am convinced the whole derivatives market will cease to exit. Will become zero. And when it happens I don’t know: you […]

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Marc Faber Bullish On Hong Kong Stocks

November 27, 2011

Marc Faber appears to be neutral on the stock market. Faber gave a thirty minute interview with Bloomberg radio where he said, “You’re better off by investing in equities than in government bonds and in cash for the next 10 years,” Faber said. “You have to live with volatility,” he said. “I’m not all that […]

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Investment Themes

November 10, 2011

Thus far in 2011, if one were to have an ideal portfolio it would have looked something like this: Long U.S. Treasury Bonds/German Bonds – 40% Cash – U.S. Dollars/Japanese Yen – 20% Short European Equities – 20% Long Gold Bullion – 15% Short Commodities (Copper) – 5% A porfolio with that allocation would have […]

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Marc Faber Has Mixed Thoughts on Commodities

October 26, 2011

Marc Faber spoke at a conference in London this morning. The entertaining speaker made some interesting comments about the possibility for WWIII. It appears that Marc Faber sees mixed signals for the commodity markets. On the one hand, the unleveraged emerging world will support demand for commodities.   As the middle class rises in countries such […]

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