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Kyle Bass Offers Some Inflation Protection Ideas

February 1, 2013

Kyle Bass recently was interviewed by CNBC where he talked about the upcoming risks of inflation. Bass seems to think that the only inflation protection are “real productive assets” such as global businesses with some fixed rate debt. Bass did not mention gold as the type of asset that he favors now despite the fact […]

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Kyle Bass on the Japanese Debt Bomb

January 18, 2013

Kyle Bass of  Hayman Capital thinks that the end game is near for the Japanese “debt bomb.”  

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Kyle Bass Expects a Popular Revolt in Europe

November 19, 2012

Kyle Bass expects that Germany will leave the Euro in the “next 3-4 years.”

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Kyle Bass Predicts European Defaults

December 13, 2011

Kyle Bass was interviewed by Canadian business network BNN today. Bass made an interesting point regarding Spanish debt. When Spain recapitalizes it’s banks (as the U.S. has already done), Spain would have public debt problem Bass was also a little more concerned about Germany as he said, “once Germany recaps it’s banks, it will also […]

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Kyle Bass Still Thinks Euro is Doomed

December 1, 2011

Kyle Bass’s recent investor letter was released where he updated his thoughts on the Euro Zone. Bass has long been bearish on European credit. As a matter of fact, Bass has proven himself by recognizing and profiting from the U.S. mortgage bubble. Here are the highlights: debt has grown at 11% CAGR for the last […]

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Kyle Bass “We Need Restructuring”

November 15, 2011

Kyle Bass explains why the only way to resolve the European debt crisis is for there to be massive debt restructurings. Debt has grown globally from $80 trillion to $210 trillion. Global credit debt has grown at 12% while GDP has grown at 4%. This is the core problem that faces the Western world. It […]

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Kyle Bass Invests in MGIC

November 7, 2011

Kyle Bass just revealed a 4.9% stake in mortgage insurer MGIC (MTG). Bass has gained fame for shorting the subprime market and the European debt markets. It is rare that Bass purchases plain vanilla stocks making the MGIC purchase especially noteworthy. “Everyone paints the [mortgage insurance companies] with a broad brush that since they took […]

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Kyle Bass Interview

October 18, 2011

Here is probably the best macro interview of the year. The video (private video that cannot be embedded) is with hedge fund manager Kyle Bass. Bass clearly explains why the pressure to print money is so great in both the United States and Europe. We’ve previously touched on this subject when we noted that money […]

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Despite Losses Kyle Bass Still Shorting Japanese Bonds

September 19, 2011

Kyle Bass recently gave a presentation at the Delivering Alpha conference. Kyle Bass has been bearish on Japanese bonds for several months. It most likely has been a painful position as the Japanese yen has risen dramatically. From Bass’ presentation he concluded that Europe was going to experience a “cluster of sovereign defaults, much sooner […]

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Kyle Bass More Bearish On Japan After the Quake

May 13, 2011

Kyle Bass made a presentation at the SALT conference and appeared on CNBC where he talked about the Eurozone problems and Japan. Bass made headlines because he’s on the advisory board of Texas Universty endowment fund that took possession of $1 billion of physical gold last month. First of all, Bass is unconvinced that the […]

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