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Hugh Hendry and Jim Rogers in a War of Words Over China

July 24, 2012

Longtime China bull Jim Rogers had some harsh words for China bear Hugh Hendry over the weekend. “Hugh has been dead wrong about China for three years now and China has not collapsed as he predicted, loudly, verbally and widely,” said Rogers. Hugh Hendry has written scathing reports over the Chinese growth plan which he […]

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Hugh Hendry Talks “Hyper Deflation

February 23, 2012

Hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry has long expected deflation in the markets. Hendry has commonly criticized the traditional agreement that money printing will lead to inflation and possibly hyperinflation. Hendry has been right thus far and his focus on fixed income has produced large gains. Last year, his flagship fund was up 12% while most […]

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China’s Property Bubble Re-visited

March 29, 2011

Here’s a fantastic mini-documentary about China’s property bubble. Some startling facts: There are 64 million vacant apartments in China Units sell for $70,000-100,000 even though the annual income is only $6,000 One property analyst summarized the problem with China’s current building boom.Gillem Tulloch said, People forget that it is not the quantity of GDP that […]

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Fleckenstein Comments On Japanese Yen

March 16, 2011

Astute short seller Bill Fleckenstein commented on the potential fallout if the Japanese Yen trades under the 80 level. I can’t begin to guess what might happen if the yen were to trade through the 80-per-dollar level, where there are rumored to be massive amounts of options and stop-loss orders. Nor do I know what […]

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How to Short Japanese Bonds

February 28, 2011

Several well known hedge fund managers including Kyle Bass, David Einhorn and Hugh Hendry have made bearish bets against Japanese bonds. As we have previously reported, Kyle Bass has been the most outspoken critic of Japanese government bonds. Bass’ thesis is that Japan is now at a point where it will have difficulty financing it’s […]

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Hugh Hendry Shorts Japan

January 11, 2011

Hugh Hendry was recently interviewed by Bloomberg. I’ve previously covered the thoughts of Hugh Hendry as he is one of the top thinkers in the hedge fund world. He re-iterated his negative stance about China. Hendry thinks that the Chinese are great at creating GDP growth without actually creating any wealth. Like Jim Chanos, Hendry […]

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Hendry Short Japanese Credit

December 6, 2010

Hugh Hendry recently released his quarterly investment letter. Hendry joins a list of prominent hedge fund managers including Jim Chanos and Felix Zulauf that are distrustful of the Chinese economic growth story. In the letter Hendry illuminated his strategy for shorting China. He now revealed why he is shorting Japanese credit. Specifically, he purchased credit […]

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Hugh Hendry Bearish On China

June 30, 2010

Perhaps the most entertaining hedge fund manager was interviewed by Bloomberg last week. Hugh Hendry, fund manager at Eclectica re-iterated his bearish comments about China. “Shorting is a precarious business. And we would rather entertain the more certain world of fixed income and credit. But what I’d say to you is whilst Europe is the […]

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