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Fred Hickey’s Stock Picks For 2013

February 2, 2013

The editor of the Hi-Tech Strategist, Fred Hickey, made his stock picks in Barrons today. Hickey really hasn’t changed his tune in the last two years. He still doesn’t see an end to the tech bear market and he’s weary of moneyprinting and has subsequently shuffled a huge portion of his assets into gold. First […]

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Fred Hickey’s Stock Picks for 2012

January 28, 2012

Fred Hickey revealed his stock picks at the Barron’s Roundtable today. Hickey is one of the better tech stock analysts in the world and it appears he has uncovered another takeover target. It should be noted that Hickey called the takeovers of NOVL and SYB several months before they were gobbled up by rivals. Readers […]

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Which Barron’s Roundtable Members Should You Listen To?

May 11, 2011

We all get inundated with information and opinions from around the world. This site was designed to only highlight the opinions and stock picks of experts who have a proven track record of making both bearish and bullish calls. Generally these are fund managers who saw the financial crisis in 2008 and have a grasp […]

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Buffett Would Buy Microsoft

May 5, 2011

Value investors should take note that the the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet appears to be bullish about Microsoft (MSFT). Buffett considers MSFT off limits because of his close personal friendship with Bill Gates. Nonetheless, in the following interview, Buffett admitted that MSFT “looks pretty cheap.” Reuters: You’re always looking for value. What about Microsoft? […]

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Another Fred Hickey Stock Pick Bought Out

April 28, 2011

Fred Hickey, author of the Hi-Tech Strategist, had another one of his stock picks acquired. Lawson Software was acquired by Golden Gate private equity for $11.25/share. Hickey started being bullish on Lawson at about $4.50. Last year, Hickey had two more of his stock picks, Sybase and Novell acquired. Clearly, private equity companies read his […]

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Fred Hickey 2011 Stock Picks

April 7, 2011

Fred Hickey editor of the Hi-Tech Strategist recently revealed his updated trading strategy. Here is a summary of his main view points. Hickey is Cautious About Shorting Stocks “Due to the Fed’s money printing and its sustained, extremely low interest rate, easy money policy, I am very worried about inflation exploding higher sometime in the […]

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Is the New

March 2, 2011

Fred Hickey once again devoted a large portion of his monthly newsletter to dissecting the absurd valuation of (CRM). Here are the top five reasons Fred Hickey is massively bearish about (CRM). sells at 109 times fiscal year 2011 earnings (ended in January). For 2012 the numbers are even more staggering. Hickey […]

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Fred Hickey Laments Crazy Speculators

February 8, 2011

Fred Hickey, author the Hi-Tech Strategist and Barron’s Roundtable member recently made some comments about the frantic speculation in the stock market. In the February 2011 issue of the Hi-Tech Strategist, Hickey lamented the return of a stock market mania that was reminiscent of 1999. “Relentlessly rising stock prices, extremely unattractive alternatives (zero percent interest […]

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Fred Hickey Gold Stock Picks at 2011 Barron’s Roundtable

January 22, 2011

Fred Hickey revealed his favorite gold stock picks in the 2011 Barron’s Roundtable . Hickey, writes the Hi-Tech Strategist and has been bullish on gold for the better part of the decade.  You can read about Hickey’s comments at the 2010 Barron’s Roundtable where he discussed his bullish view on gold. He has been critical […]

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Fred Hickey – Barron’s Roundtable Update

June 18, 2010

I thought I would add a little bit more “color” to Fred Hickey’s comments in Barron’s last weekend. If you missed some of his mid-year calls in the June 2010 Roundtable, I encourage to read it now. Unfortunately, most people who do not subscribe to Hickey’s publication, “The High-Tech Stragegist might be confused by some […]

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