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David Einhorn Still Short Iron Ore

January 23, 2013

Iron Ore prices have ramped over 30% in the last few months. Nonetheless, famed hedge fund manager David Einhorn is still short. According to his latest letter, Einhorn is short “several” stocks in the iron ore sector as he thinks that supply now exceeds demand. Going forward, he expects supply to increase at an annual […]

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Einhorn Ups Stakes in Gold

November 2, 2011

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn has swapped out of gold and replaced it with gold mining stocks. “A substantial disconnect has developed between the price of gold and the mining companies,” Einhorn said during a conference call. Einhorn sold the gold ETF (GLD) and moved into the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX). The top […]

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How to Short Japanese Bonds

February 28, 2011

Several well known hedge fund managers including Kyle Bass, David Einhorn and Hugh Hendry have made bearish bets against Japanese bonds. As we have previously reported, Kyle Bass has been the most outspoken critic of Japanese government bonds. Bass’ thesis is that Japan is now at a point where it will have difficulty financing it’s […]

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David Einhorn Sees The Funding Crisis

December 23, 2010

From a recent interview with CNBC and Charlie Rose, it is clear that David Einhorn sees the funding crisis that we’ve mentioned before. Einhorn joins other hedge fund managers such as John Paulson, Michael Burry and Bill Fleckenstein who all see a funding crisis in America’s future. It is important to remember that Einhorn correctly […]

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