Chanos Still Shorting Iron Ore Stocks

November 5, 2012

Jim Chanos is still short Fortascue Minerals. Chanos also added that he was adding to his short positions. However, it appears that Chanos is hedging his bets with a long position in diversified miners in Australia (most likely BHP). Chanos thinks that iron ore supply is continuing to expand while demand is starting to flatline […]

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Chanos’ Thoughts on Chinese Accounting

September 20, 2012

Jim Chanos continues to be bearish on China.  In a recent interview with CNBC, Chanos said that 20% of his macro fund is still short the H shares in Hong Kong.   Chanos called the H share market a “roach motel.” Chanos said that he would not trust the accounting of any Chinese companies. Chanos […]

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Jim Chanos Reveals His China Short Positions

November 28, 2010

One of the most important questions of 2011 is whether or not China is experiencing a fixed investment bubble that could derail the global economy. Jim Chanos recently spoke about his current short positions based on his expectation that the property bubble in China would burst. Here are the facts: Currently, fixed investment accounts for […]

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Investors Panic Out of Municipal Bonds

November 16, 2010

Municipal and state bond funds have been absolutely hammered since the announcement of QE2 in early November. This “premier” municipal bond fund has been decimated. 15-20% losses in the levered bond funds has not been uncommon. The California municipal bond fund has not fared much better. I did some back-testing and the velocity and magnitude […]

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Jim Chanos Still Short China

June 17, 2010

Jim Chanos was on Bloomberg where he discussed his recent short positions. Interestingly, he is short some major integrated oil companies, Ford, private education companies and China related companies. Chanos rarely shorts commodities or makes broad macro bets.  His concern with oil companies stems from the fact that the reserves are not being replaced at […]

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