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Fleckenstein Sees the End of the Deflationary Fear Trade

February 8, 2013

Noted short seller Bill Fleckenstein made a rare appearance on CNBC yesterday. Fleckenstein highlighted his concerns of an upcoming funding crisis where the “stock market would get clubbed.” However, he did not know whether the funding crisis was imminent. Fleckenstein also sees an end to the deflationary fear trade. He now thinks that inflationary expectations […]

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Felix Zulauf Rings the Alarm Bell

June 14, 2012

Felix Zulauf was recently interviewed for the Barron’s Roundtable. His outlook for Europe and China was frightening. I’ve previously noted that Zulauf is the top forecaster of the Barron’s roundtable (with honorable mention to Fred Hickey and Marc Faber). Many investors are focused on reasonable P/E issues without having an understanding of the macro issues. […]

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Money Printing is the End Game

October 5, 2011

Money printing will be political solution to the debt problems in the Western world.

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Fleckenstein Expects a Return to Gold Standard

September 14, 2011

Bill Fleckenstein wrote last week that he expects that the world will eventually have to return to a gold standard. After the Swiss National Bank pegged their currency to the Euro, Fleck had this to say: So now we can add Switzerland to the list of countries engaged in massive amounts of money printing. As […]

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Soros Favors Euro Bonds

August 29, 2011

George Soros gave a candid interview with Der Spiegel about the future of the European Union and the Euro as a currency. In essence, Soros makes the following argument: The world economy needs the Euro. The Euro is doomed unless Germany guarantees the debts of nations such as Spain and Italy. Germany must introduce Euro […]

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The LinkedIn IPO Terrified Me

May 19, 2011

It was truly a spectacle to watch the LinkedIn (LNKD) IPO where shares were priced at $45 and traded as high as $122. The stock closed at $94.25 up 122% on opening day.. Today was most certainly reminiscent of the rocket IPO’s in 1999. Given that animal spirits are running wild in the market, the […]

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“Back To An Insane Environment” According to Fleckenstein

February 14, 2011

Hedge fund manager Bill Fleckenstein had some pointed comments about the current stock market that is starting to resemble a “casino.” Fleckenstein accurately predicted the bursting of the tech/housing bubble and he appears to be quite dismayed that animal spirits have taken over once again. There are plenty of other examples of that sort of […]

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Jim Rogers Bullish on Water

January 21, 2011

Jim Rogers, former hedge fund partner of George Soros recently gave an interview with the BBC where he talked about the great investment opportunities in water. The author of the best selling book “Hot Commodities,” has long been a bull of commodities, including agricultural commodities but this was the first time he highlighted the tremendous […]

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