Druckenmiller Sees the Upcoming Funding Crisis

by admin on February 25, 2013

Stan Druckenmiller, the man who used to manage George Soros’ portfolio sees the upcoming funding crisis in the United States. He was recently interviewed by CNBC where he expressed deep concern about the ever growing deficits.



It seems that almost every money manager who has a clue can see that the Fed’s policies will end in disaster. Eventually, the bond market will revolt and it will cause incredible damage. Since the Fed is disrupting the price signals in the economy it is impossible for Congress to cut spending.

However, as Druckenmiller mentioned, the collapse in the bond market could be fast and furious as it was in Spain or Greece.

Previously, at Grant’s conference Druckenmiller gave a presentation where he thought that the bond market crisis could start in 2013 or 2014.

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