Charles Nenner Still Sees $2500 Gold

November 6, 2012

David Gurwitz of the Charles Nenner Research Institute was interviewed in Canada. Charles Nenner still sees $2500 gold in the next two years. He also sees crude bottoming at $70 in the first quarter of 2013. Nenner likes the oil service stocks such as Schlumberger (SLB) which have based and could have a multi-year move […]

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Felix Zulauf 2012 Views

October 31, 2012

Felix Zulauf was interviewed by Barrons last week. Every fall Barrons invites a lot of the Roundtable members to share their views for the remainder of the year. As I’ve mentioned previously, Zulauf, Marc Faber and Fred Hickey are worth paying attention to. It appears as though Zulauf has softened his stance in the last […]

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Felix Zulauf’s View on 2012 and Beyond

September 19, 2012

Felix Zulauf is one of the top macroeconomic thinkers in the world. The Swiss money manager has expressed his views in Barrons where he has outperformed all of his peers. Zulauf rarely gives interviews but he kindly shared his thoughts with King World News and the Financial Sense (paid). I’ll attempt to summarize some of […]

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Investing Money the Ray Dalio Way

September 17, 2012

Ray Dalio is one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers. He managed to sidestep the carnage of 2008 and he was correctly positioned for the deflationary fears that caused the bond bull market to continue. In this video, Ray Dalio explains his macroeconomic framework. Here are the snippets of the Ray Dalio interview […]

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Why Paulson and Soros Are Loading Up on Gold

August 16, 2012

It was recently reported that both George Soros and John Paulson have upped their gold and gold stock exposure in the last fiscal quarter. Soros more than doubled its investment in the SPDR Gold Trust to 884,400 shares as of June 30, compared with three months earlier, a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing for […]

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What is the Contrarian View Right Now?

April 23, 2012

  Every investor inspires to be  a “contrarian” yet most fall victim to groupthink. The paid to play crowd are often more interested in saving their career than with absolute performance. Subsequently, money managers often have near identical portfolios. One of the great contrarian indicators is the Barrons Big Money poll. This survey gives you […]

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Charles Nenner Bullish on Gold, Bearish on the S&P

April 3, 2012

Charles Nenner has made some rare media appearances in the past few days where he has updated investors on his cycle research. First of all, Nenner sees gold and silver bottoming in mid-April. Nenner has a long term price target of $2500 for gold and over $50 for silver. Secondly, Nenner gave an interview with […]

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Heard on The Trading Desk

January 19, 2012

After speaking with some successful money managers over the last week, I thought I would relay their thoughts. Over the past week, there appears to be confirmation that the “risk on” trade is playing well. Most thought that the downside looked limited and the prevailing viewpoint is to Buy-the-dip. Money managers love the fact that […]

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Barron’s Roundtable 2012

January 14, 2012

Barrons released the first installment of the Roundtable with stock picks from Marc Faber and Oscar Schaefer. Before we delve into some macro insights, let’s take a look at the 2011 Barron’s Report Card. The average performance of these professional investors is listed below: Scott Black  (13.6%) Abby Cohen (2.7%) Marc Faber (14.2%) Mario Gabelli […]

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Marc Faber: “Most People Will Be Lucky If They Have 50% Of Their Money in 5 Years”

December 21, 2011

Marc Faber was interviewed at a commodities conference today. Faber again mentioned that he expects the entire financial system to collapse at some point in time. Of course timing is impossible to predict. “I am convinced the whole derivatives market will cease to exit. Will become zero. And when it happens I don’t know: you […]

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