Charles Nenner Predicts Dow 5000

March 6, 2013

Charles Nenner was interviewed by both CNBC and Bloomberg and he proclaimed that the Dow would hit 5000 by 2017-2018.     Nenner has been out of the market since the S&P hit 1505. He does not see much upside remaining although he thinks it is too early to start shorting the market. I’ve followed […]

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Druckenmiller Sees the Upcoming Funding Crisis

February 25, 2013

Stan Druckenmiller, the man who used to manage George Soros’ portfolio sees the upcoming funding crisis in the United States. He was recently interviewed by CNBC where he expressed deep concern about the ever growing deficits.     It seems that almost every money manager who has a clue can see that the Fed’s policies […]

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Felix Zulauf’s View on 2012 and Beyond

September 19, 2012

Felix Zulauf is one of the top macroeconomic thinkers in the world. The Swiss money manager has expressed his views in Barrons where he has outperformed all of his peers. Zulauf rarely gives interviews but he kindly shared his thoughts with King World News and the Financial Sense (paid). I’ll attempt to summarize some of […]

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George Soros Explains the Euro Crisis

June 26, 2012

Recent interview with former fund manager George Soros. Clearly Soros sees the perverse situation with respect to the main currencies of the world. Those that have retained the right to print money are able to stave off default, yet countries like Greece or Italy are put in the cross hairs of bond traders. “I think […]

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Charles Nenner Bullish on Gold, Bearish on the S&P

April 3, 2012

Charles Nenner has made some rare media appearances in the past few days where he has updated investors on his cycle research. First of all, Nenner sees gold and silver bottoming in mid-April. Nenner has a long term price target of $2500 for gold and over $50 for silver. Secondly, Nenner gave an interview with […]

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Interest Rate Cycles

March 22, 2012

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the potential top in the bond bull market, I wanted to show how important this inflection point may be. As you can see from the 300 year chart below, interest rates tend to rise and fall in 30 year cycles. Over the past 60 years in the […]

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Is the Bond Bubble Over?

March 21, 2012

Most investors are aware that the bond market has been in a bull market for over 30 years. Historically, interest rates have a tendency to rise or fall in 20-30 year cycles. Despite record low yields, many investors continued to call for the end of the bond bull market. They were demolished in what some […]

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Hugh Hendry Talks “Hyper Deflation

February 23, 2012

Hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry has long expected deflation in the markets. Hendry has commonly criticized the traditional agreement that money printing will lead to inflation and possibly hyperinflation. Hendry has been right thus far and his focus on fixed income has produced large gains. Last year, his flagship fund was up 12% while most […]

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The Strange Relationship Between Stocks and Bonds

January 20, 2012

The current stock market conditions are rather perplexing.  LTRO was de-facto money printing and another round of $1 trillion may be in the cards at the end of February. Based on previous experience with QE1 and QE2 one might expect that this round of money printing would cause capital to flow into gold and agriculture. […]

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Heard on The Trading Desk

January 19, 2012

After speaking with some successful money managers over the last week, I thought I would relay their thoughts. Over the past week, there appears to be confirmation that the “risk on” trade is playing well. Most thought that the downside looked limited and the prevailing viewpoint is to Buy-the-dip. Money managers love the fact that […]

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